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Thursday, 14 February 2013

From the newsletter: Explosion in Cydonia

Without warning the boiler in Bar Cydonia has exploded, engulfing the establishment in flames and collapsing immediately afterwards. Although a lot is still unclear at the moment, it is believed that most people present in the bar at that time are dead.

Immediately after the explosion, several people from town started searching the rubble for survivors and so far, a few have been found.

At least one of the survivors is badly wounded and might not survive.
The buildings surrounding Bar Cydonia only took minor damage from the blast.

What caused the boiler, which was situated directly behind the bar, to explode is still unknown.

Cydonia is a small settlement on Deadwood, which is located in the Blue Sun system, out on the Rim. It has little over 140 inhabitants. (mb)

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