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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

'Umbra' mothballed

Due to the departure from site of its Sim Leader Jason Andersen, the pirate-themed Firefly sim Umbra has been placed on the inactive list.

Monday, 26 January 2015

SoapyMac proposes political 'Dragon Age' sim

Contender SoapyMac has had an idea for a new sim at Phoenix, based in the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition. In a change from the normal sort of sims at Phoenix, this will focus around political manoeuvring in a fantasy world, with players taking on one character or even an entire family, promising to contain much backstabbing.

The full description can be found below:

It is the age of "Glory", the time of rebuilding following the Second Blight. The Chantry is still in it's fledgling development, but is growing fast. The Tevinter Imperium has withdrawn from much of Thedas, and harmony has settled back on the Anderfels. 

However, the Orlesian Empire is failing, leaving power vaccums throughout, where many seek to assert themselves as counts, arls, even kings. Val Royeaux is the hub of almost all these clashes, the beating heart of the withering Empire. Welcome to the Great Game. Who will rise? Who will fall? 

If interested, please check out the proposal thread.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Giorgo Borgo appointed Deputy General Coordinator

Newly confirmed General Coordinator Misty Wilson has appointed Giorgo Borgo, aka ksabers, as her Deputy General Coordinator.

This is the second American-European combo in Phoenix's history; British Silent Hunter appointed American Kevin Diamond as his deputy, partly to ensure better coverage of time-sensitive issues.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Misty Wilson wins General Coordinator Election

The General Coordinator election has now been completed, with acting Coordinator Misty Wilson winning with 53% of the vote; Dale "SoapyMac" Brennan narrowly beating Giorgio "ksabers" Borgo to second place (24% to 22%) and thus gaining the title of Contender. 15 out of a possible 32 eligible members cast their vote in this unplanned election caused by the AWOL of Jason Andersen.

The same ballot also saw votes on creating the position of Phoenix Treasurer and also changing the wording of Member Policy 2 regarding canon characters appearing in a sim. These both comfortably passed with over 80% of the vote each.

A good book featuring a good man (Book Review: 'Doctor Who: Ghosts of India')


And thus my series of Doctor Who reviews concludes with a novel featuring what is still my favourite Doctor.

Where we're at

Set during Season 30/Series 4, this features the Tenth Doctor and Donna.

The plot

The Doctor and Donna head for Calcutta in 1937... and end up arriving ten years later, at a turbulent time in India's history (i.e. just before independence). People are going missing and strange white 'half-made' men are appearing. Teaming up with Gandhi, the time travellers investigate.

What works
  • Gandhi is a bit of an unusual choice for a 'celebrity historical', but it works here. I get the impression of what was a very good man, whose untimely death arguably made things worse for South Asia in the longer term. His goodness actually plays a key role in the plot.
  • The two regulars are portrayed very well; the Tenth Doctor in particular.
  • Some good gadgets feature in this and the sonic screwdriver also gets some nice usage here, although some stuff about how it works is contradicted by later TV episodes.

What doesn't
  • The big twist is good... but looking at other reviews, I'm inclined to agree it's a bit humdrum and it would have been better with a double twist.
  • I'd have personally liked to come out of this book with a bit further knowledge of the real events that took place around Indian and Pakistani independence.


A good novel, but not one of my personal favourites.


Friday, 16 January 2015

'Area 88' arrives at Phoenix

Following the closure of Fighter Ops, former player Zuzutoo has created a simulation based on the classic Japanese manga series, Area 88, where players take the part of jet-flying mercenaries in a war torn country... where the options are basically kill or be killed.

The forum can be found here, so strap in!
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