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Friday, 21 November 2014

Phoenix to hold Extraordinary General Coordinator election

Following a determination that General Coordinator Jason Andersen has gone AWOL (he has not indicated when he is likely to return from his LOA and emails have gone unanswered), Misty Wilson has been appointed as Acting General Coordinator until an extraordinary election can be held.

Nominations will be accepted over the next two weeks until 5 December, with campaigning and voting to follow - the process should be completed by early January.

Details and nominations can be found here.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Again late, but again worth waiting for: the latest edition of The Burning Question has arrived. The Artist’s Corner is back and we also have an interview with new GM Jason Andersen for you. Enjoy!

You can find the latest edition of The Burning Question here:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/109 … 6_2014.pdf
Misty Wilson

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Phoenix Roleplaying to host Fall Fest 2014!

Phoenix Roleplaying has been selected to host this year's Fall Fest, the prestigious annual simming festival. With our Squiddie earlier this year, this will make a great conclusion to 2014 for Phoenix.

More information and a schedule can be found here - please attend or even better offer to help!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Hey Missy, she's so mad (Review: 'Doctor Who' 34.12, "Death in Heaven")

Concluding this two-parter, Missy is about to turn the dead of Earth into an army of Cybermen.
  • I loved the opening credits gag.
  • Capaldi was on great form throughout this episode - with many great lines, including the bit about "self-concussing".
  • Coleman was on fine form as well - pretending to be the Doctor was excellent, but the last scene in the cafe was good as well (a great onbe f
  • Samuel Anderson did a lovely performance; it's a shame that he won't be coming back now.
  • Michelle Gomez... just when you thought a certain Time Lord couldn't get any crazier, she comes along and knocks Simms' portrayal into a cocked hat. Poor Oswin..
  • Shame we couldn't have had the Tissue Compression Eliminator. Disintegration is so old hat.
  • You don't need to hit the console like that Doctor, it wasn't your fault.
  • The street scene where Missy was arrested was very recognisably Cardiff, as was the ending scene.
  • It's really quite appropriate that Missy was dealt with in that manner.
  • At least the ending was jolly... and it's about time Nick Frost joined Simon Pegg in the Whoniverse.


An enjoyable and suitably epic season finale, which wasn't afraid to actually kill off some characters. Christmas will be interesting.


A wild Vermillion City has appeared!

We have a new Firefly sim at Phoenix Roleplaying - Vermillion City. Created by Deborah Leighton Plom, this "southern Gothic detective sim" is set on the planet Greenleaf, home of the 'Verse's pharmaceutical industry.

There is a dedicated site with more information - a great job by Mrs Leighton Plom that should certainly be checked out!

Laissez les bon temps roulez!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Well, I can't say I saw that one coming (Review: 'Doctor Who' 34.11, "Dark Water")

When Danny Pink is killed in a road accident, Clara gets the Doctor to try and bring him back from the dead... but the two discover that 'death' can be a very
  • Trailers always mislead; the scene with Clara was only a small bit of the episode; and the Moff does lovely get-outs.
  • Was it me or was the theme out of sync again this week.
  • Moffat's version of the Twelfth Doctor is very grumpy and very alien; his reaction to the kissing was very different to Eleven.
  • 57 fan-fic writers just punched the air!
  • Clara had some great stuff here; grief can cause you to do funny things. However, was Missy expecting her to do that? If so, bad writing.
  • The whole Nethersphere arrival thing reminded me some what of the final Virgin New Adventures Timewyrm novel.
  • Lovely to see the Cybermen back, but I guess that UNIT will be in the episode next week... and hopefully we'll get some proper Cyber-action.
  • Yes, I got the organic material joke too.
  • I guessed Danny had shot a kid. Sort of thing you'd get with a character like that
  • Well, I wasn't expecting that to be Missy's identity.

That episode flew by; I didn't even realise that we were coming towards the end. Which means it really absorbed my attention, although the start was a bit slow.

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