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Sunday, 28 November 2010

A competition - just for fun!

I've just submitted a new character to Atlantis. I'm probably one of the first RPers to use the actor Renee Felice Smith as a character avatar:

This is her.

For those of you going "Who on Sihnon is she?" - she plays Nell Jones in NCIS: Los Angeles (which might be obvious from the URL)

I digress. This sparky young new merc is going to be called Susan Ling - or Sue Ling for short.

The competition is to guess which cult science-fiction character she's named after - and as a bonus, how Firefly uses a bit of dialogue from the show (and by extension, a classic Western) in one of its early episodes.

I'll give you a clue; the show is British and the creator created something very nasty.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'd like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all our American members! Enjoy the holiday!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

World War Three comes to Phoenix

Krista Backman has created a new sim for the site, End of Peace. This sim is set during a fictional Third World War which will involve nuclear weapons. Although full details are not yet available as to the plot, it will start in the Middle East.

PS I've been asked to clarify that the Voting Booth security breaches took place a month ago.

Election Voting open

Members who have been active in the past two weeks have been sent emails inviting them to vote in the first General Election in Phoenix Roleplaying (these may have gone into your spam, so it's best to check there too). A link to the off-site Voting Booth was placed on Phoenix, but has now been removed due to security breaches, which have now been dealt with; Election Coordinator Robert Longtin plans to move to our own system in due course.

If you currently inactive, you can contact Robert Longtin to be registered as a voter.

Voting is open until 23:59 Eastern Standard Time on 7 December (04:59 GMT on 8 December) and the results will be announced the next day.

As well as electing the three key positions, you can also vote on how long terms should be and how you would not wish to be informed of elections and resolutions.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Two new sims launched: The Academy and A Kingdom For A Stage

Two new sims have been created on our site.

Firstly, we have a new Firefly sim, The Academy. This revolves around the educational facility that harnesses the psychic talents of the most "gifted" children in the 'Verse and sometimes turns them into emotional wrecks. Kevin Diamond has described it as "teen angst school drama with abnormal powers and brain surgery", while a concept page can be found here. This idea was originally planned for AJJE before the Schism; I'm glad we have it here.

Secondly, is Silent Hunter's medieval sim, A Kingdom for A Stage. Set in 1410, it revolves a team of travellers as they head to England in the twilight years of the reign of Henry IV. With knights, nobles and intrigue, you'll need to get your sabatons on fast!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Candidates for election

The Office of General Coordinator (and Contender)

Ash Plom
Jason Andersen

The Office of Technical Coordinator
Euan Reid
Kevin Diamond

The Office of Elections and Voting Coordinator
Robert Longtin

Friday, 12 November 2010

Something I discovered yesterday...

I am quite probably the first player here with a character whose "actor" is going to be on I'm A Celebrity...

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Euan Reid outlines Phoenix 2.0

Euan Reid, longstanding tech expert and general all-round good egg, has set out a rough plan for the full version of Phoenix Roleplaying.

It's still very rough and subject to change. A key tenet though, in the graphical sense, will be the option to either view posts as a conventional forum, or in the PARS-esque style many of us are used to from our days at a certain RPing site.

Suggestions can be made here.

Campaigning is now open for the elections

Candidates for the elections are posting their statements here and taking questions here.

A list of candidates will follow once the acceptance period is over, but Euan Reid has already set out his stall for the Technical Coordinator role.

HMS Nelson looking for players

Our Daedalus-class set Stargate sim, HMS Nelson is looking for more players.

If you want to fly F-302s against the Ori fleet or just see the universe, HMS Nelson is the place for you. We're just getting started, so there's plenty of opportunity for people to join.

Sign up today!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Election Season

Nominations have been pouring in for our first elections; a dozen players have been nominated for three elected positions:

  • General Coordinator (with the second place candidate becoming the Contender to the General Coordinator, a sort of Leader of the Opposition))
  • Technical Coordinator
  • Election Coordinator
Nominations can be accepted up until 15 November, but campaigning will begin on Monday 8 November.

It already looks like it will be a real contest for General Coordinator.

The Elections and Voting forum has all the latest news.
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