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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

From the newsletter: Writing Challenges

Deborah Leighton Plom has started writing challenges for players of Firefly sims. The challenge is to write a story of up to 400 words in which play-ers expand on characters in various ways.

The posts (which are not in-game) are posted on a separate forum thread and are supposed to give insight in the back-ground of players’ characters. They are also a possible re-source for GMs to use as a reference when writing storylines for those particular characters.

The first writing challenge is set on Unification Day roughly two years ago from the date most of our Firefly sims are currently taking place on.

So far, four players have posted a story. The stories are about a doctor working in a hospital on Londinium, a secu-rity officer working in a burlesque club on Greenleaf Skyplex, a man in the resort city of Rishi on one of Ariel’s moons which seems to have a mysterious connection to the Londinium doctor, and an Alliance officer who is commanded to report to his superiors at once.
Leighton Plom posted on Facebook, asking whether people would be interested in writing challenges. The positive feedback was enough for her to put the idea into practice. (mb)

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