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Sunday, 22 May 2016

USS Athena and Odyssey closed

Due to a lack of activity, the Star Trek sim USS Athena has been closed.

In addition, the departure of Mischa Brendel from the site has also led to the decision to close Odyssey, a Firefly sim that has been running since 2010.

Friday, 6 May 2016

New Firefly sim launched - 'Kestrel'

Mike Palmer has launched a new sim set in the universe of Firefly again focussing on a group of mercenaries and continuing a story that began all the way back at AJJE with Prinz Eugen. The sim is described below:

Once again, Captain Gunther Lindemann has acquired a new ship and hired a crew to head into harm’s way in the Black, to bring justice and mercy to the downtrodden of the Rim.  The Kestrel is much smaller than his previous ships, and it is an extremely common, modified merchant vessel that now has some serious teeth to rend any potential enemies.

While the sim is full up at present, there is a waiting list for new players and the sim can be seen here:

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