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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Well it had to happen eventually {Review: 'Doctor Who' 34.4, "Listen")

Steven Moffat has written a clunker; well at least it took him nine years to actually do so. This episode dragged its way through 45 minutes and I was literally waiting for the thing to end.
  • Ah, the problems of dating a time traveller; I bet that the dress went down well with the male fans though. I also couldn't help wondering if I'd walked past the restaurant on the walking tour I did.
  • Capaldi did the best he could, but the material really wasn't there this week.
  • Again, high praise for Jenna Coleman; she's churning out some great performances.
  • Those TARDIS telepathic circuits would have been really useful in some past stories!
  • Lovely to see the psychic paper again.
  • I guess they were trying to save money on this one; there was next to no CGI.
  • Why would Colonel Pink have a Sanctuary Base Six space suit? The only logical explanation would be that the Doctor leant it to him.
  • One positive part of this is the set; we got to see it in all its glory, with characters going up and down several levels.
  • The twist as to the whole tale at the end was well done and I believe that [spoiler] would be the youngest ever [spoiler]
  • Some nice callbacks here at times.


The ending was nice and touching... it's a deep shame that the rest of the episode was rubbish.


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