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Monday, 29 June 2015

Sim proposal status 29 June 2015

Rainbow Six: the proposal now has four interested players so it will be greenlit as soon as the details are thoroughly discussed.

Space Pirates: the proposal could become an independent sim or be merged into a reactivated Umbra. Discussion is currently up.

An Elegy of Iron and Blood: the proposal will become a new sim very soon.

Wing Commander Gemini Sector 2.0: roll call in progress. I hope it will be approved because it sounds really interesting.

Soldiers of the End A(nother) Mass Effect Sim: currently no interested players (a pity)

Steampunk sim (still unnamed): Roll call in progress.
Info from ksabers

Friday, 26 June 2015

Issue #24 of the Burning Question released

These have been and still are hectic times for several Phoenix members; both on the forums as in real life. At times like that it is important to remember that we are a community, which Misty Wilson points out in her GC’s comments, and which is also one of the themes that made Firefly such a great show, I argue in this month’s background story.

So let us unite in reading the latest issue of The Burning Question, which you can find here.

-Mischa, editor-in-chief of The Burning Question

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Game of Thrones sim proposed

Those already missing the hit TV series may have something to interest them at Phoenix Roleplaying. New player Tarzan has dusted off a proposal set in the world of Westeros that he originally raised in 2008, when it was still just a book series; he has already got four interested players, but the bigger the crowd for your feast, the better!

The proposal thread can be found here:


Thursday, 11 June 2015

World of Darkness placed inactive, Covert-81 opened

The horror sim World of Darkness has been closed due to inactivity; there had been no posts since 25 February.

However, 1980s set spy sim Covert-81 has been opened, or rather re-opened; the sim having originally run on the PARS service from 2009 to 2010. It is currently looking for players and anticipates starting play in a couple of weeks.
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