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Friday, 9 November 2012

James Bond: You Only Live Twice

A Bond film set nearly entirely in the Far East, You Only Live Twice is an interesting postcard of a Japan that has arguably gone into history. I associate the Land of the Rising Sun with anime, the Toshiba laptop I am this one and maid cafes. I would love to go to the country at some point in my life (first or second).


Sean Connery does quite well for a largely phoned in role, but a lot of the early action sequences aren’t that exciting. The plot (an improvement on the novel by a great amount) goes along nicely, with a strong Cold War element – I am surprised that two of the early films have Red China clearly behind the evil plot.


The climax is great, the production design superb and Donald Pleasance is a great Blofeld. Mind you, his cat clearly wasn’t enjoying the battle – you can see him or her squirming when the control is attacked.


One of the better Connery films and one of the best of the lot.



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