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Monday, 12 November 2012

AW75: A planned mercenary air combat sim for Phoenix

Osprey is developing a new original universe sim and is looking for interest. Take a look at the details that I've received - hopefully you'll be interested:
The once strong island nation of Shinsekishima has fallen under hard times as pirates have placed a choke-hold on it's once vibrant economy. It was further hobbled by a series of natural disasters that the pirates have taken advantage of to gain resources from the larger nations that surround it and it's waters. The criminal cartels on the island back the pirate activity, since they get a cut of the profits and get to sell what is stolen/captured at a overinflated rate and collect all ransoms demanded by the pirates. Using what little the defense budget the nation had, they hired a group of mercenaries from the various nations for a last stand against the forces that wish to destroy it.

This game is a cinematic combat game, taking place on a original world not based on our world or history. It will be freeform, keeping track only of weapons fired and when flares/chaff are used. During roleplay outside of combat the potential of getting "drama points" can come into play, where the player can spend the point to do a dramatic edit in their favor.
The pilots will be expected to be able to both operate from land and from their only Carrier, the SNC-1 Kibo (Hope). Unfortunately the pirates just scored their own carrier. The whereabouts are currently unknown. The aircraft used will be 4th Generation, and fictional jet fighter aircraft that later on will "unlock" as the campaign progresses (I will be using aircraft from the "Ace Combat" series for inspiration for this). The players may choose a aircraft from the 4th Generation list linked, with its model name changed to the player's liking. The more fluff that the player creates for their aircraft the better. Including past campaigns the pilot had been in.
More info can be found on the forum.
Full details and discussion can be found here.

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