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Monday, 31 December 2012

James Bond: Moonraker

I would like to start by wish all my readers a prosperous and happy 2013.



James Bond and laser battles in space are two things that really don’t go together. By the close of the film we’ve gone completely silly. Jaws escapes death too many times in unconvincing manners, Lois Chiles is uninspiring and Michael Lonsdale’s Hugo Drax is too generic for my tastes. I prefer the novel.


Also, when you watch them in quick succession, Maurice Binder title sequences get repetitive fast.


Moore is reasonably good (as is Desmond Llewellyn) and the set dressing is again excellent, but this feels too much like Bond by numbers. It grossed very well, but I can see why they reined things in a lot for the next film.




Merely average.



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