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Sunday, 23 December 2012

James Bond: Live and Let Die

I can see why ITV likes to show this movie on a Saturday afternoon. It’s light-hearted, got some great action scenes and contains little to trouble the younger viewer (although there’s a lot of stuff in this that you would not get away with today).


Roger Moore’s Bond is also light-hearted and suave in a different way than Sean Connery. He can be pretty ruthless when he wants to be (bedding Rosie Carver then interrogating her) and the raised eyebrow works well in this film.


With the exception of JW Pepper (why?), the supporting cast are pretty good. While Jane Seymour’s Solitaire is certainly an air-headed victim character, it’s better you do it straight than pretend to be a competent agent, unlike the next film…


I’ve been surprised at the relative lack of music in the earlier films and the longer times between cuts. Watching these films shows the development of cinema, fashion… and chest hair styles.


Enjoyable, although not a true classic.




I’d be surprised if I rate the next one any higher than a 4.

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