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Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Dead Rise Again - By SoapyMac

Post apocalyptia has been done to death. Where ever you look now, there'll be a subset of the world has ended scenario, which normally comes complete with Zombies. Yes, there are instances with your Super-mutants (read Zombies), Robots (Zombies) and... Okay, I guess it is normally Zombies...
The Phoenix's attention to this subject is much less abusive then general media in that it hasn't been used as a blunt instrument since the 70s (roughly). Unfortunately due to a lack of posting, lack of interest, or just the simple fade of a Sim past it's prime, the Zombies sim has faded into disuse. However, a redesign and revamp has been slowly taking place over the past month or so, hoping to give the Undead new life, so to speak.

The premise behind this revamp is to instil a larger degree of direction to a sim that appears to flounder without specific consideration. As such the new Zombie sim will have a stronger emphasis on character development, without sacrificing action and suspense. A Narrative style will be imposed but much looser than in other sims, where unlike such sims as The Dark Cometh, the narrative is specific and directional. While the characters shape the way things happen, there are restraints in terms of there is a trade off between the character's response, and the GM's vision. For TDC, this works well. However for Zombie related fun, it is likely this will be too restrictive. As a result, in each circumstance imposed through the narrative, the characters will be able to react in whatever way they see fit, and the story will mould totally around them, to the degree of they shape how the story will play out. Will they try and escape to a Safe Zone? Will they try and find a cure? Or will they stay clinging to life, scavenging and foraging for whatever they can find to live that one more day?

There will also be a balancing of situations, where injury, disease and other survivors have the potential to be just as dangerous (and possibly fatal) as the Zombies. For people who didn't previously play the original Zombies sim or are new to Pheonix, new characters can easily be slotted in either now before the sim starts, or later on should interest be piqued after the sim has been running for a time. For those who have played in the previous sim, as previously stated the revamp carries the option of bringing your old character across, with no changes necessary.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in this, then contact either me, or Jason Anderson or check out the “New Life for the Undead” thread in the Zombies sim for required details.

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