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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Phoenix Roleplaying wins four awards at Tournament of Simulations 2013

Phoenix Roleplaying has won four awards at the prestigious Tournament of Simulations, the results of which were announced today, its second year of success in the prestigious contest, which was last year called the Simulations Cup.

The first victory went to The Dark Cometh and CANIS UK, which collectively won the prize for Best Adventure/Fantasy Sim; this was not awarded last year.

Another new award was in fact tied - Best Dr. Who Sim was collectively shared between AJJE Games' Doctor Who sim and our own The Triple First.

For the second year in a row, Phoenix won Best Firefly Sim; this year's winner was The Elemental with previous winner Kvant not entered by its SL this year by personal choice.

Finally, Fighter Ops, which won the Excellence in Creativity award last year (Excellence awards were not given out this time) won its second award for Best Military Sim.

There was however disappointment in Best Star Wars Sim: this award, won last year by The West Star, went to Star Wars: Shadow Squadron at Federation Sim Fleet.

Co-chair Chas Hammer said, "It was a pleasure to review Phoenix Roleplaying for this year's ToS.  You offer a diversity of genres that I do not believe is matched anywhere else, and the quality of your games is reflected in those who won in this years ToS".

A warm congratulations to all the winning sims and players, Phoenix or otherwise.

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