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Friday, 27 December 2013

A long one as well (Review: 'Doctor Who' 2013 Christmas Special, "The Time of the Doctor")

So, that's it for the Eleventh Doctor, who has made his final bow.

13 thoughts below:
  • The holographic clothes bit was a somewhat distracting joke for the first half of the episode.
  • Matt Smith has played a convincing old man through much of his time as the Doctor... and now we got to see him actually play one, although the make-up job was slightly less convincing than the one Karen Gillan had.
  • Speaking of Karen Gillan... nice to have her turn up.
  • Handles was lovely... shame we won't be seeing him again.
  • Hope we don't see Clara's family again, they weren't very effective here.
  • Again, no Dalek extermination effects; budget going elsewhere?
  • Perhaps having four different lots of aliens turn up in one episode, when that episode is only 60 minutes long, resulted in a basic lack of screentime for any of them... well, except the Daleks, who are pretty overused.
  • That's a simple yet effective way to get around the 13 regenerations issue.
  • And also the issue of the Doctor's name... now you think about it, the truth field wasn't actually an issue.
  • Worth pointing out that this is the shortest regeneration story to date in terms of run time.
  • And probably the longest in terms of real time for a main character... correction that's "The Big Bang".
  • I'd have liked the Twelfth Doctor to have a slightly longer scene than he actually did.
  • No preview from Season 34? At all?


Well this had a lot of enjoyable moments, I've got to confess a bit of disappointment in this one; much of it was spent (especially near the end) just waiting for Capaldi to show up and when he did, it wasn't a patch on Smith's first scene.


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