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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Let's Play Persian Incursion: Turn 16

Two F-22 Raptors


I discovered the official Errata between turns here and decided to implement it more or less fully; while this does result in some slight inconsistencies, it’s my game and I can do that if I want to. As a result, I will be able to launch more air strikes, Anyway, in this turn, we discover there ain’t no party like a stealth party, because a stealth party is invisible to radar…


The Israelis managed to get all of their fleet back up to operational status, ready for further attacks on Iran, with both the north and south routes open to them. Iran generated 53 fighters and engaged in some redeployment to cover the southern approach; however it would have done nothing either way to stop the strike coming in now…


The errata and the rules point out that Iran cannot repair fighters on Alert or Patrol status, as well as that tankers don’t go through the fuel mission cycle. So I have eight ready for use.


Twelve F-22 Raptors, launching from their base in Qatar, made their way through the defences of Iran completely undetected until they reached their target – the highly damaged Zirconium Plant at Isfahan. The Tor-M1 and Pantsyr units saw something coming and then had to deal with a shower of Small Diameter from the Raptors… which they knocked many down, but not enough to save the planet from becoming smoking ruins more appropriate for filming an episode of Falling Skies. The Americans got out without any bother, the Iranians having been caught completely defenceless.


B-2s are only available on night turns (they’re painted black), but the F-22 is available if the US is an Israeli ally. It ignores all the SAM nodes and can only be intercepted by two aircraft if the Iran player gets a natural 12 on 2d6. Falling Skies actually features an episode where the 2nd Mass has to destroy a nuclear reactor powering alien operations.


This boost for Israel and blow for Iran was further compounded when a rocket attack by Hezbollah failed utterly; although not to the point of further Iranian embarrassment. That came when Israel revealed a bunch of clerics engaging in action more appropriate to the Borgias… and when Iran claimed the prostitutes were Israeli, the public reaction was that the clerics were still from the Islamic Republic…


Iran attempted to counter the Israeli use of Incriminating Photographs by Press Leak, but Israel cancelled it out totally with Quick Spin Control.


Further strikes were ordered for later that day – Iran would make another ballistic missile attack, although it would be unlikely to succeed, while Israel ordered a two-squadron attack on the Arak Heavy Water Reactor and a special forces attacks on the Isfahan Fuel Manufacturing plant for the following night.


A slight narrative change; two of these attacks were ordered earlier in the turns.


17 Iranian planes broke down; there were no planes available in Sector II, but still plenty available in the other two sectors as 48 F-16s prepared for a journey to Arak and a F/A-18 pilot prepared for what would be his final ever flight...

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