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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Six sims close down after founding members leave site

Two of Phoenix's founding members, husband and wife Ash and Deborah Leighton Plom, have retired from the site due to lack of available time. As a result, due to no-one having volunteered to take over the job of running the sims, the following games have closed down:
  • Cydonia
  • Vermillion City
  • Stargate: Beta Site
  • Middle Earth
  • Invisec
  • Accipiter
It is entirely fair to say that their departure leaves a big hole in the site and will be difficult to fill, but Phoenix will go on.

This writer wishes to sincerely thank Ash and Deb for their six years here (and before that in AJJE), wishing them all the best for their future.

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