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Monday, 21 January 2013

Phoenix takes home five Simulation Cup awards

In this year’s Simulation Cup, hosted by Ongoing Worlds, Phoenix has won five awards. With the entering of nine sims, this means that over half of the participating Phoenix sims was awarded.

All types and genres of RPG’s could enter the competition and a panel of ten judges in total evaluates the competing sims by either reviewing them live or by reviewing transcripts of recent sim playings. For Phoenix participants this meant that they were asked to submit a link to the best thread of their sims, which were completed in 2012. The juries judged the sims based on originality, creativity, character development, prolificness (a combination of pace and member participation) and readability.

There were three different categories in which sims were categorized: email, message board (the type of sim that all the Phoenix sims fall under) and chat. There were no entrants in the chat category; there were 28 entrants for the email and message board categories.

Kvant won the Outstanding Firefly Sim award, The West Star the Outstanding Star Wars Sim award. Jericho won the Excellence in Originality award, Fighter Ops the Excellence in Creativity Award and Greenleaf Skyplex the Excellence in Character Development award. There were in total 17 awards given.

The total number of judges counted ten, among which was our own Robert Longtin. For the sake of impartiality he did not judge any Phoenix sims, nor did he judge any sims competing against Phoenix sims.
For more information about the 2012 Simulation Cup please visit: http://bit.ly/TGl9f1.

This article was originally published in Issue #4 of our newsletter 'The Burning Question'.

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