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Sunday, 20 January 2013

James Bond: Octopussy

Once this got going, it was pretty enjoyable. Unfortunately, it takes about 50 minutes to do so.


The good elements are Moore – who gets a lot of funny lines throughout and nearly all of the action. The pre-titles sequence with the Acrostar jet is excellent and nicely sets us up for the rest of the film, but nearly all the stunts are great. A bit silly, but highly enjoyable nonetheless. In addition, the climax where Bond races against time to stop a nuke going off is very well done – the clown makeup actually works in upping the tension here.


Supporting cast are problematic. Maud Adams is average and so is Louis Jourdan. Steven Berkoff has some very strange line readings that ultimately ruin any menace in the character, while the other Bond girl is flat in her performance.


Trivia fans may note that the railway used for the train scenes is the Nene Valley Railway – which will also play host to GoldenEye.




Excellent stunt work, but let down by some of the actors. I enjoyed myself enough to give this a:



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