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Friday, 25 January 2013

Euan Reid's View of 2012

Technical Support - the name in and of itself conjures up thoughts of arcane technowizardry, but really it's less complicated than it sounds. Tech Support's tasks can be broken down into two halves - maintenance and development.

Maintenance is the more time-consuming, but less glamorous, of the two. Changing user titles, updating permissions for RPEs, fixing lost passwords, and generally keeping the site going. This year, Phoenix has moved to generally having pictures and content ratings on RPE descriptions - these have been fairly simple, but somewhat time consuming. Tech Support has been responsible for their upload and implementation. Looking to 2013, the automatic emailing and member pruning system has recently been discovered to have ceased working at some point - fixing that will be a high priority on the maintenance list (thanks are due to Silent Hunter for finding this issue).

Moving on, we have the exciting part of the Tech Support remit - development. There are two main parts to the development agenda. Firstly, and most obviously, the Phoenix posting system. I realize I've been lax in updating the thread about it, but progress has been fairly steady (whilst I've had bouts of no internet, being online isn't a requirement for coding) - we now have a mostly functional core, although it's still undergoing testing. Secondly, we have additional features for the current site. The aforementioned email system was implemented this year, whilst next year we hope to cover two items to start with - one, the standing suggestion of adding badges to show what sims a member is SL and/or GM of, and two, the recently suggested LOA status indicator. Both these will hopefully be coming soon.

Written by Technicial Coordinator Euan Reid - originally in issue #4 of The Burning Phoenix.

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