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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Further awards from Ash Leighton Plom

Robert Longtin is awarded the slightly protracted Ash Leighton Plom SL Award for Ironic Timing in a Non-Force Sensitive's Force-Related Joke for Chief Quinok's crack about sensing a disturbance in the Force just when there happened to be a fairly major disturbance, very locally (see my award to Jay in post 50)!

Will Smith gets the GM Ash Leighton Plom Thanks for Playing Along Award for doing exactly what I'd hoped he would with a well-timed reference to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope on the Accipiter.

Nicole Rennolds follows hard on Will's heels with a GM Ash Leighton Plom Punchline Award for finishing the joke. You guys are amazing.

Dave 'Anzac' Anderson just earned the Ash Leighton Plom SL Award for Rocking It And Rocking It Hard for bringing some awesome music to an epic scene in SGB-2 in a style brilliantly congruent with his character.


Jason Wypij Force Jumps to centre stage to collect the Ash Leighton Plom SL Metafictive Award from Princess Leia (despite the metafictive chronological difficulties that would involve).



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