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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

From the Newsletter: Tensions Rising on Umbra

Originally published in The Burning Question: Edition 10, July-August 2013

On the spaceship Umbra, a sim set in the Firefly universe, tensions are rising. The Umbra crew has met with their former captain Anton ‘Gore’ Gorman, but some do not seem too pleased about this meeting. Current captain Carolynn Annesley does not want to give up her command and tech specialist Brint Dao-Tsun, who was kept as a slave by Gore, seems to be intent on the man’s death.

However, one of the newer crew members, Tina Suvorova, appears to have sided with Gore, while the ship’s doctor Peter, as is the case most of the time, seems to have his mind elsewhere. And finally there is Mr. Grafton, who only acts in the interest of his employer, Mr. Payne.

With everybody holding guns to each other’s heads it is difficult to say which of them will survive this unexpected encounter. (mb)

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