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Sunday, 22 September 2013

From the Newsletter: The Dark Cometh off to a Firing Start

Originally published in The Burning Question: Edition 10, July-August 2013

One of the newer sims on the Phoenix forums, The Dark Cometh, has managed to get 931 posts made by 8 players during its second month, which resulted in a Sim Strength Ranking of 116.38: a record.
The sim revolves around an ancient secret organization trying to regain lost elemental relics while fighting agents of the Dark, who are trying to get their hands on the relics as well.

The sim was created by Sim Leader Raven and Brandon L. ‘Brandon and I were talking about his sim Zodiac Mercenaries, and he suggested that I run with a superhero sim’, Raven explains. ‘I have never run one before, but as soon as the idea came, it was al-most instantaneous. We've placed a lot of history and varied reli-gions to make this world all-encompassing and real as a Super Powered sim could be.’

Measured in STR the sim is very successful, but Raven doesn’t nec-essarily see it that way: ‘It's had its pitfalls and changes along the way. But I will say this is a labour of love. Out of sheer accident the NPCs came to life on their own, and the players just responded.’

At this moment two expansions for the sim are being set up (mb)

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