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Monday, 24 February 2014

ksabers proposes 'The Dreamcatchers'

ksabers has proposed a new sim for Phoenix Roleplaying. The sim will be called "The Dreamcatchers" and its concept is original, based on a novel he is currently writing.
The premise of the sim is that, when sleeping, our dreams can seldom open a gate towards another world. Unfortunately it is a very hostile world and who is lost there almost never returns home: this is the secret behind many unexplained disappearances.
The main characters of the sim will be common persons, without special superpowers, except one: they will be survivors of the Dreamworld, able to sense when someone is in danger there. In the classical archetype of the Reluctant Hero, they will be involved in mysterious adventures inside the dreams of complete strangers, to save them from nightmarish monsters. Meanwhile, in the background, a sinister plot slowly unfolds... will the Dreamcatchers become Dreamcaught?

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