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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Let's Play Persian Incursion: Turn 13

A Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb (photo: US Department of Defense)


As the fifth day of this war opened for Iran, things were not going well – while their repair work was frantic, they still only had 104 aircraft available for operations, with only limited numbers of the powerful F-14s available, those units being particularly hard to repair. The Saudi air attacks were taking their toll… and international opinion was not on their side.


If Turkey or Saudi Arabia became Israeli allies, like Saudi currently is in-game, Israel gets a bonus on fighter suppression and SAM suppression rolls for its attacks.


A squadron of Hornets stood on the deck of their carrier ready for a strike against the Isfahan zirconium plant, but their mission was suddenly cancelled… in an attempt to lure the People’s Republic of China away from the Iranian orbit, Israel had offered them US weapons technology… and the CIA found out about it. The Israeli Ambassador was summoned for consultations to the State Department.


I finally got the Backfire rules sorted out… and Iran rolled for a successful backfire. However, Israel still got to roll on China’s track and that country is no longer an Iranian supporter.


Iran’s Supreme Leader made a speech aimed at Turkey that was fairly conciliatory; Israel would have to be careful that Ankara did not withdraw its support from the Israeli operations and close the airspace.


With no nuclear targets really available for the F-16s currently ready for operations, Israel tired a different tack – it might not have much long term effect, but it might do something, even if just bringing more Iranian fighters to battle. 119 Squadron was ordered to attack the Kharg Island oil terminal.


Speaking of oil, Iran offered China and some neutrals lower prices for their support, but neither bit. Israel was more successful in talking with Jordan; mostly to try to keep it from becoming an Iranian ally. Relations became somewhat cordial.


Finally, Iran approved a terror attack on an Israeli bank,.. due to take place in 24 hours’ time. The Israeli version of Jack Bauer would have some work to do – as would Iran’s mechanics as 41 of their aircraft went unserviceable.


I got a 6 on the breakdown roll; not the worst I could have got, but Iran does not need any more problems at the moment.

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