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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Phoenix Roleplaying to boycott SciWorld 2013

Phoenix Roleplaying today announces that it will officially boycott the 2013 SciWorld Convention in protest over the procedure of awarding it. No Phoenix representative will attend; although all members are free to choose to attend if they so wish.

Months ago in September of last year, we declared our interest in a talk page on SciWorld in hosting this important event and were completely ignored by the board of SimEnc, who arranged privately among themselves to award the convention to an insider. The explanation given was unsatisfactory and the ‘apology’ was nothing of the sort.

We do not feel that SimEnc is well served by its current direction; its well-intentioned policy failed utterly in the execution and its unjustified banning of a key member has resulted in the loss of much valuable information. This latest failure merely confirms our fears about its leadership.

We expect a sincere apology, better from SimEnc, and hope to host FallFest later this year.

Silent Hunter
General Coordinator
Phoenix Roleplaying
30 April 2013

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