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Monday, 10 September 2012

Simming Fall Festival: A message from Charles Star

Hello! On behalf of this year's chairman, Jonathan Swift, I just wanted to post a note about this year's Simming Fall Festival (or FallFest for short), which will take place on September 21st. In case you've never heard of FallFest, it's a one-day festival, sponsored by Ongoing Worlds, that's dedicated to everything role play. Geared for both European and American timezones, we'll have a full day of discussions, trivias, and games. And the best part is: Everyone is invited! That includes YOU!

We're still looking for hosts to help flesh out the schedule (http://www.simmingleague.com/wiki/index.php?title=2012_Simming_Fall_Festival).
So if you have an idea for an event you'll like to do (whether it's a sim, trivia game, or discussion), email me at star.idf@gmail.com and we'll get you added. If you'd instead just like to come by and join in on the fun on September 21st, we'll see you then.

So let's get the word out... tell your friends! And tell your sims!
See you all there!

Charles Star

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