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Monday, 3 September 2012

An Baile Ur looking for new players


Our newest Firefly sim, An Baile Ur is looking for more players before it can start. I'm posting the description below - hopefully it will interest you:

"Ar ais go héirinn" as they would say, or "back to Ireland". It is the 19th century reborn with an Irish spin, in the year of our Lord 2300. No technology permitted. Newcomers are welcomed, but their ships are promptly dismantled and destroyed. The Town Elders are intolerant of the use of technology as it is a sin against God. But Janey Mack, don’t get all cheesed off! A hard day’s labor is rewarded by a cup o’ black stuff and shorts down at the Local, or Rosie Lee next door if yer off the drink. Just don’t get yerself fluthered ‘fore you go home to the missus!"

Contact Jason Wypij or Robert Longtin if you're interested in joining!

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