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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Well, it was definitely slow (Review: 'Doctor Who' 33.4, "The Power of Three")

A huge number of small black cubes suddenly appear all over Earth. Why are they here? The Doctor and UNIT try to find out. In between the Doctor popping off to do some other stuff.


Chris Chibnall is not doing himself a great deal of favours with this one, that’s for sure. A plot that covers a whole year of time was probably a mistake and to be frank I’m getting a little tired of the whole pop-in-and-out relationship with the Ponds. It’s over next week at any rate.


Further thoughts:


·         There’s an awful lot of padding in this story – the whole 1890 and Henry VIII stuff stood out in particular.

·         The black cubes were interesting (“The Birdie Song” was an odd one, though), but a line about the inability to cut them open would have been appreciated.

·         Matt Smith – not quite as good in this one as usual. Probably poor material, but he made the best of it.

·         Was Brian Williams really needed in this story?

·         Glad to see UNIT back and I liked the “Trap One” references.

·         Engaging in “pest control” on humanity is something aliens have done in other sci-fi, although I cannot remember what.

·         Jemma Redgrave did a great job here as Kate Stewart. It’s nice to see that the Brigadier’s legacy is carried on in UNIT.

·         If someone has their heart stopped for several minutes, they’re going to be suffering some serious brain problems afterwards.

·         Didn’t recognise Steven Berkoff under all that make-up. Did a great job there.

·         Definitely were some good bits in here, but they were mostly character stuff, instead of a limited plot that would be best served for one of the Quick Reads.




Distinctly average. This is the better of Chibnall’s two stories this five-part run, but not by much.


1.71 to the power of 3, or rather 5 out of 10

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