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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Chris Wilkinson and Daniel Taylor may resign as MARS seems headed for defeat

Chris Wilkinson and Daniel Taylor this morning stated they were considering leaving Phoenix Roleplaying. Their stated reason was that the polling results so far showed a majority against using MARS and so they were not needed.

There are still nine days in the vote and Deborah Leighton Plom, GM & Facebook Coordinator called their departure "premature".

Robert Longtin raised the possibility of no option getting a majority; plans are being discussed at present.

The vote currently stands as follows:

Accept the MARS lease4   (25.00%)
Decline the lease and develop our own system9   (56.25%)
Accept the lease on a temporary basis while commencing work on our own3   (18.75%)

Edit: On further clarification, both players still have accounts and have not made their decision final, so I have edited the headline.


  1. As a matter of fact... they didn't quit and the vote isn't as shown...

    The 2 votes they placed do not count so only 2 people want MARS in pheonix

  2. Robert said that the two votes stood:

    "Granting an individual votes while not a registered user would be wrong - so long as they retain an account I have no problems granting them each a vote! After all, if the MARS lease is excepted then Dan and Chris would by default be long-term members of the community, so I don't see why they cannot have a vote if they are registered users!"

  3. That would be like saying American Businessmen could vote in the United Kingdom cause they are there.

    I am aware you need to register to vote, but why let all registered people vote on sitewide issues.


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