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Friday, 13 August 2010

First post: Sierra Charlie Four

2000, Saturday 22 August 2015, Greater Manchester Police Headquarters, Manchester M16

The lift doors opened on the eighth floor of the brown and grey office building that housed one of the largest police services in England and Wales.

The rain-soaked woman stepped out and turned left, opening the door into the area marked "Serious Crime Division - Teams 1 to 5".

Stepping down the corridor, she found the second door on the left and opened it with her key.

The open plan office that housed Team Four of the Serious Crime Division, "Sierra Charlie Four", was fitted with four sets of twin desks, each with two workstations. Paperwork filled in the office; a marker board was on the inside wall, currently empty. At the rear was a single officer for the Detective Chief Inspector of this team.

She removed her brown raincoat and hung it on a coatstand. She'd need to find a towel to dry her hair at some point, she looked like a drowned rat.

She was slim and pale, possessing a slender beauty and a slightly dangerous air about her. Dressed in a white blouse and long black skirt, she was dressed to kill. Or nick.

Their shift would start in half an hour, but it paid to be early.

Detective Sergeant Hannah Barclay, the terror of Stockport's criminal fraternity, was starting her first shift in Serious Crime.

This would be fun.

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