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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Well, I can't say I saw that one coming (Review: 'Doctor Who' 34.11, "Dark Water")

When Danny Pink is killed in a road accident, Clara gets the Doctor to try and bring him back from the dead... but the two discover that 'death' can be a very
  • Trailers always mislead; the scene with Clara was only a small bit of the episode; and the Moff does lovely get-outs.
  • Was it me or was the theme out of sync again this week.
  • Moffat's version of the Twelfth Doctor is very grumpy and very alien; his reaction to the kissing was very different to Eleven.
  • 57 fan-fic writers just punched the air!
  • Clara had some great stuff here; grief can cause you to do funny things. However, was Missy expecting her to do that? If so, bad writing.
  • The whole Nethersphere arrival thing reminded me some what of the final Virgin New Adventures Timewyrm novel.
  • Lovely to see the Cybermen back, but I guess that UNIT will be in the episode next week... and hopefully we'll get some proper Cyber-action.
  • Yes, I got the organic material joke too.
  • I guessed Danny had shot a kid. Sort of thing you'd get with a character like that
  • Well, I wasn't expecting that to be Missy's identity.

That episode flew by; I didn't even realise that we were coming towards the end. Which means it really absorbed my attention, although the start was a bit slow.


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