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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Small is not always beautiful (Review: 'Doctor Who' 34.2, "Into the Dalek)

It's generally a case of when, rather than if, the Daleks will encounter a new Doctor. Troughton would get his in his first story... and Capaldi ties with Hartnell in regards of getting his debut with him in his second (Smith's was his third and Tom Baker his fourth).

So without further ado:
  • Capaldi hasn't failed to turn in a good performance in his two episodes and is clearly demonstrating his brusqueness here. I liked his reaction to someone pointing a gun at him at the beginning... and some of his remarks (the top layer one for example) clearly showcase an alien persona.
  • He's definitely a rude guy, that's for sure.
  • Clara did a great job as the Doctor's 'carer'; providing a moral conscience that he so badly needs; persuading him not to give up.
  • So, Danny Pink? A potentially interesting character; a charmer but with a traumatic past, especially if his reaction to a comment about killing a non-soldier means anything.
  • They are really throwing in some dark stuff here under the guise of semi-comedic scenes. I'm surprised that Clara retained her lunch.
  • These rebels really need better guns, that's for sure; they only managed to destroy one Dalek!
  • The new Dalek Paradigm has been shoved into the 'memory hole'; I doubt they'll ever be seen again on this show.
  • I've never actually seem Fantastic Voyage, so I can't really comment on that.
  • I must admit that the whole talking to the Dalek scene at the end frankly got a bit boring.
  • The Doctor's rejection of soldiers as companions... a new thing for this incarnation? He's generally not liked the military bar a few exceptions (the Brig), but still... definitely a bit I don't necessary like about his character.


A good, thought-provoking episode, but I was finding it rather draggy by the end.


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