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Sunday, 6 October 2013

From the Newsletter: Phoenix gets Graphics Department

Originally published in The Burning Question: Edition 10, July-August 2013

Phoenix forums has acquired a Graphics Department, a forum sec-tion in which several forum members provide their services to design com-missioned banners, logos, avatars and other images.
Graphic Officer is ksabers and cur-rently four players are offering their services: Kevin Diamond, Jason An-dersen, Misty Wilson and Silent Hunter. Each artist has his or her own thread in which creations of these artists can be found. Image requests can be made in a separate thread.

The forum is intended to help people who are not proficient in creating their own images to order an image to their taste to use on the forums. Rules con-cerning the use of created images are posted in a separate thread.

Any player interested in joining as a Graphic Artist is free and welcomed to do so. (mb)

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