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Friday, 7 March 2014

Phoenix Roleplaying wins a Squiddie!

Dear all,

I am highly pleased to announce that Phoenix Roleplaying has won one of this year's three Ongoing Worlds Medals for Superior Online Roleplaying, also know as the Squiddies. We won the prize in the club category, one of three nominees. This is our citation:

"Through a diverse lineup of original and themed games, Phoenix Roleplaying showed in 2013 exactly how to exemplify excellence across a wide range and quantity of simulations.  Phoenix boasts a community high of 9 awards in the Simulation Cup and Tournament of Simulations over the last two years, which is clear evidence of their masterful balance of community and creativity.  Using a democratic leadership structure, they welcome role players of all shapes and sizes and encourage and inspire the imagination of hundreds.  Games are permitted to develop very organically, allowing players to establish deep connections with them and their fellow players.  Instead of getting bogged down in IT and other technicalities, Phoenix specializes in role-playing excellence and does it to the max."

Now we have won this, we will not be eligible to get another club award, but this is something we will never lose.

Congratulation to all of our members - this would not have been possible without you.

Silent Hunter
General Coordinator
Phoenix Roleplaying

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