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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

James Bond: Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig's second movie shows the impact of the 2007-8 WGA Strike clearly; the film comes in at just over 100 minutes and yet it drags badly. My immediate comparison was to sticking your hand in a bowl of ice, although that might be a bit harsh.

There are some good elements in this. Craig does the best he can with the script and Dame Judi Dench shows why she gets Oscar nominations. The plane sequence is well done and the scene at the opera does have some of the films best lines. The plot is decent and definitely contemporary, even if it lacks some of the more Bondian elements.

Criticisms are big ones: weak villain, mediocre leading lady and a rather rushed ending. I'm not involved in this like the films before and after; it really does feel like a chore to do this for the third time.

One final thought; Kazan does not come to my mind as a romantic holiday destination. Quantum are cheap as well as evil


It's not "Quantum of So-Lame" as much as "Quantum of So-What". This is distinctly average and a weak Bond.


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