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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Award nominations announced

The following people have been nominated for the 2011 Annual awards:

Player of the Year

Amanda Bond
Kevin Diamond
Silent Hunter
Robert Longtin
Jason Wypij
Jason Andersen

Sim of the Year

The West Star
Fighter Ops
Greenleaf Skyplex

Sim Leader/ASL of the Year

Kevin Diamond
Nick Buchanan
Jason Andersen
Silent Hunter
Amanda Bond
Mischa Brendel
Dawn 'Avalon McManus' Castell
Ash Plom

[Edit: Euan Reid realised he was ineligible for this award and so was withdrawn at his own request]

GM of the Year

Paul Baker
Amanda Bond
Silent Hunter
Jason Andersen
Nick Buchanan
Aidan Fal
William Smith
Deborah Leighton Plom

The committee are now considering the nominations and will announce the awards in due course.

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