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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Like 'Inception', only lower budget (Review: 'Doctor Who' 34.X, "Last Christmas")

Clara is preparing for a Christmas without Danny Pink when suddenly something crashes on her roof; and it's not the TARDIS.

  • The Doctor was wonderfully crabby in this episode (pun intended). Mind you, Capaldi's 'costume' has hardly featured in full; this is a Doctor far more comfortable in a hoodie than a formal shirt.
  • Keeping it unclear whether Clara was staying or going until the end of the episode definitely added things to this. Mind you, the old person make up was unconvincing.
  • Nick Frost did a fun performance as Santa; I can see why the final shot was like so. Mind you, I'm not sure Ian and Wolf really added much to the proceedings and the CGI budget didn't stretch to more than three reindeer.
  • I like it when a show is open about its influences and that's a brilliant joke about Alien, which is arguably a trope in science fiction in general that Doctor Who has done much to try to correct.
  • So, what was real and what wasn't? They made it clear early on not to trust your senses. Mind you... [If you say 'Mind you' one more time, I'll delete your Star Citizen screenshots - Ed.]
  • Good to see Danny Pink again; it gave some further closure to the character. M... sorry, I'm not sure we actually needed that though.
  • I actually have had dreams where I know that I'm dreaming. Mind you, I've had some weird ones in my time.
  • This is a show that doesn't need graphic special effects to do chilling horror. The dialogue doesit just fine.
  • Of the guest characters, I have to say I liked Shona best. We need more like her.
  • So, "The Magican's Apprentice", eh? I wonder who that could be?


Somewhat of a slow starter, but the ending was very good.


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