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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Election Results 2014

Phoenix has a new General Coordinator after much-delayed elections; Jason Andersen becomes the third head of the club as we approach our 4th anniversary on Saturday. Elections Coordinator Kevin Diamond informed Phoenix of the results on Friday:

For General Coordinator the winner with 33% of the ranked voting is Jason Andersen. Third times the charm. The office of Contender goes to the second place Candidate with 27% of the vote, Misty Wilson.
Technical Coordinator we came out with a straight tie of 50% each... Assuming Jason wishes to keep his title of General Coordinator, that would mean that Euan Reid retains the sole possession of his keys to the Technical Coordinator position.

Quite literally one or two voters could have changed either of these races, so your votes have great value. Thank you to everyone that participated in the election of our governance. Congratulations all!

Jason then withdrew from the TC race, meaning that Euan spends a fourth term as Phoenix's tech head.

Silent Hunter stood down immediately as planned following the elections in which he did not run; Jason has allowed him to retain his posts as Twitter and Blog Admin Officers.

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