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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Not stone cold (Review: 'Doctor Who' 33.5: The Angels Take Manhattan)

So, that’s it. Rory Williams and Amy Pond have checked out of Doctor Who in a rather sad, but emotionally complete manner.


Steven Moffat’s stories have a tendency to involve things possibly created through the influence of strange substances – the Statue of Liberty as a Weeping Angel and those Baby Angels in particular. When Moffat created the Angels back in Season 29’s “Blink” (and deservedly got a Hugo for it), he automatically put them into the A-list of DW villains – they’re scary, nearly unstoppable and don’t need a good voice actor to work.


This has to be one of their best episodes yet. So, without further ado, ten thoughts:


·         I love a nice bit of film noir homage – with that detective in the pre-titles sequence just one example.

·         Matt Smith was a bit more subdued than normal, but serious situations mean the Doctor tells less jokes.

·         River Song: Always a great party guest. The banter between her and her husband is always great fun.

·         Moffat’s really developed a trope of communicating through history – the “Yowzah” case in particular stands out.

·         Plus he loves using the old timey-wimey stuff; it’s rare to have a story that does not involve it in some form.

·         This was rather limited on the guest cast – all it wasn’t really needed for the story.

·         Was that Arthur Darvill in the bed? If so, great ageing makeup.

·         The New York location film wasn’t really necessary either, but it made for some background as well as gaining good publicity for the show (foreign filming has done that for the show since the JNT era)

·         Murray Gold’s music was very good – a little more noticeable than usual, but not too much.

·         The extent of Rory and Amy’s love for each other has been really, really clear throughout these three seasons – the final decision taken by Amy fitted that perfectly.




Best episode of this mini-season and a fitting departure for the Ponds.



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