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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Phoenix rises from the ashes!

Phoenix is back on the old address! It's only a holding page at the moment, but it should be fully back in the next couple of days.

Ash sent this message by email to Phoenix members and has given me permission to post it here.

Hi all,

Euan and I caught up and covered a lot of ground. He's away at a wedding this weekend, but has already made the first steps on the road to the Phoenix rising from the ashes once again. He's getting started on the real nuts and bolts on Monday and aims to bring us a sitrep and action plan then. Meanwhile, the group Jason assembled now includes Euan as well and has started in on emailing one another sentences including strings of letters like 'SQL' nd 'BigTable' which I'm not tech-savy enough to understand. :-)

But we now have a phoenix.roleplaying google account, which Euan is putting the forum's app engine stuff down on, the details of which can be passed on from TC to TC. He's also putting together a holder page asap, and we'll announce the URL as soon as it's ready. It looks like we don't need to find a host that charges, as google is likely reliable and provides a very good service for free. So those of you who were willing to donate now won't have to, unless you'd like to donate towards advertising costs. I may need to look into legal issues around that, however, before we go ahead, so keep your wallets in your pockets for now!

So, on Monday or soon thereafter, expect updates on how soon the renewed site will be available to post on.



We'll keep you up to date.

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