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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Progress on Phoenix-AJJE Merger

The merger between Phoenix Roleplaying and AJJE is progressing and GC Misty Wilson has finished the FAQ regarding this merger. 

As expected, the FAQ handles the most obvious questions people might have about the merger of the Phoenix Roleplaying system and PARS (Post And Reply System) from AJJE. Members of both RPG environments need not worry that their posting system will disappear: Phoenix Roleplaying will keep its current posting system and PARS will be implemented as a separate section. All AJJE sims will be installed in the PARS section, but players from both systems, Phoenix and PARS, are welcome to try the other system; playing one or several sims in both systems is certainly possible. When the implementation of PARS into Phoenix Roleplaying is complete, is unknown at this time. (mb)

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