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Sunday, 20 January 2013

RP News: Explosion on Greenleaf Skyplex

The sim Greenleaf Skyplex has been hit by an explosion, which was felt throughout the entire space station. At several places, the lights suddenly went off, followed by a deafening roar, which was accompanied by the sound of tortured steel and glass.

The explosion was caused by a bomb that went off at the Phantasm fetish club on deck 5. The explosion caused a breach in the station’s hull near the VIP lounge of the club through which several people were sucked into the Black. The bombing also caused a fire in the lounge as well as some other areas of the club, although the fire suppression system kicked in soon, minimizing the fire damage. Soon after that, the emergency seals also fell into place.

At the time of the bombing, the famous music star Lizzy Lusko was in a private room together with an unknown male guest. The room was spared from the bombing, protecting both Lusko and guest, but her bodyguard who had been stationed just outside had not been so lucky.

The number of deaths and casualties is still unknown, as is the reason for the bombing, which occurred at 9 pm sharp. (mb)

This article was originally published in Issue #4 of our newsletter 'The Burning Question'.

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