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Friday, 11 January 2013

Let's Play Persian Incursion: Turn 8

S-200/SA-5 SAM


With the United States now an ally, Israel now had the opportunity for American airstrikes on Iranian nuclear and oil facilities. Unfortunately for them, none were currently ready.


Each turn you roll for the availability of a US airstrike (up to 3 if you get good rolls). This time I lucked out.


Israel instead passed funds to Iran’s opposition, who organised demos against the regime and reduced the overall support for the government. Then the country did its dirtiest trick of all, blowing up a Saudi SAM site and blaming it on Iran. This game was successful for Israel, increasing their popularity at the UN and most importantly make the GCC countries supporters, opening up the southern route for Israeli operations.


Realising that it needed to take out the S-200 sites covering the southern approach, it was time for the ninjas, who were sent after the site at Isfahan.


The US does not need the Southern route – it can launch from Diego Garcia, local GCC bases or carriers, but Israel needs one of the three routes open. Only the northern route via the Zagros Mountains gives Israel immunity from a possible S-200 or S-75 attack, which means that you either need to supress or destroy the sites. I was going for destroy – I prepared  a strike, then realised I did not have the points to pay for it.


Iran was able to do little in this turn save make a third attempt to close the Straits of Hormuz. This time, their mines and speedboats succeeded, but at the cost of merely annoying the GCC and making them move closer still towards Israel. In addition, 20 more of its aircraft broke down.


Don’t worry, Turn 9 does have an airstrike.


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