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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

James Bond: For Your Eyes Only

Roger Moore’s fifth Bond film is an atypical Bond, with a lot smaller scale and a closer to the novels feel about it. It should also have been his final one, as his age is clearly starting to show and he’s now snogging co-stars who were playing with dolls when he was doing The Saint.


Speaking of co-stars, Bouqet isn’t the best in the acting department, but she does have the excuse that she’s used to acting in French. Wielding a crossbow is cool, although I’m now going to be reminded of Revenge when the discussion of digging two graves comes up.


Julian Glover is superb as Aris Kristatos and GoT fans also get a chance to see Charles Dance when he had a full head of hair.


The plot is good and there’s some good action scenes, especially the ski chase, but Bill Conti really should have used the Bond theme more. Bibi Dahl is less annoying than I’d remembered.


This is not the fastest paced Bond film out there, but it’s certainly a very good drama.




Tough choice on the final mark here. A lot of good stuff here and it works well overall. It’s not quite Bond, but it’s a great spy movie and so it’s got to get




This will probably be my highest rated Moore.

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