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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

2016 GC and TC election results

Elections and Voting Coordinator Zuzutoo announced the results on Monday and has given me permission to quote his post in full:

Voting has officially closed for the 2016 election for General Coordinator and Technical Coordinator of Phoenix Roleplaying. Many thanks to everyone that took the time to participate in club governance.
As a whole not a bad turn out. 18 members voted, equalling 43% of the eligible list of members (members who have logged in and posted more than once in the last year). Of that group 14 voted in the fist 48 hours, and 4 voted in the last 48 hours. A fairly consistent pattern with past elections. Oh, you want results... not statistics. Fine.
The office of Technical Coordinator, winning 94% of the vote,  goes to Euan Reid. Congratulations sir!
Now on to the big show, the competition for General Coordinator was very close. In Third Place with 22% of the vote was Dale "Soapymac" Brennan. The position of Contender with 35% of the votes goes to Rebecca "Ironette" Forte. Which means the position of General Coordinator for  2016, remains in the hands of the reigning Khalessi, Misty Diamond, holding 42% of the tabulated votes. Congratulations to all on a robust competition. Long live the Queen... or something like that.

Ironette fills the previously vacant role of Contender, but otherwise there is no change in Phoenix's top management.

Monday, 11 July 2016

2016 General Coordinator and Technical Coordinator Elections

Ballot papers for this should have been emailed to members; please email Kevin 'Zuzutoo' Diamond if you have not received yours.

Voting is open until Sunday 17 July.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

SciWorld 2016 transcripts

SciWorld 2016 took place on Thursday and Friday, with a talk on space shows by Silent Hunter.

A full sets of transcripts for this and other conventions can be found here.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

USS Athena and Odyssey closed

Due to a lack of activity, the Star Trek sim USS Athena has been closed.

In addition, the departure of Mischa Brendel from the site has also led to the decision to close Odyssey, a Firefly sim that has been running since 2010.

Friday, 6 May 2016

New Firefly sim launched - 'Kestrel'

Mike Palmer has launched a new sim set in the universe of Firefly again focussing on a group of mercenaries and continuing a story that began all the way back at AJJE with Prinz Eugen. The sim is described below:

Once again, Captain Gunther Lindemann has acquired a new ship and hired a crew to head into harm’s way in the Black, to bring justice and mercy to the downtrodden of the Rim.  The Kestrel is much smaller than his previous ships, and it is an extremely common, modified merchant vessel that now has some serious teeth to rend any potential enemies.

While the sim is full up at present, there is a waiting list for new players and the sim can be seen here:


Thursday, 28 April 2016

New Newsletter editor

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Gareth Thomas 1945-2016

The actor best known for the lead role in 'Blake's Seven', the 1978-1981 BBC science fiction show has passed away. 

I don't tend to post obituaries on the Phoenix blog but his role as freedom fighter Roj Blake was a big part of the show's success and the show was a big influence on me growing up. This dystopian work inspired the name of the character Sue Ling and indeed was the topic of the very first feature article in the site newsletter. 

The galaxy is a sadder place today. 

Rest in Peace.
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