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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Let's Play Persian Incursion: Turn 19


The game comes to a dramatic and some might say appropriate conclusion.

Iran was running out of political options, with only the Chinese showing any real hint of support for it. The discovery of an Iranian mole in the Israeli foreign ministry caused a loss of information on the success of terrorist attacks in that country and there were increasing protests in Tehran... even the Iranian public was getting sick of this.

Israel played Protests in Tehran and moved the Iranian domestic track to +1; this ultimately would not make a difference in the final roll.

A speech by the Iranian President on Turkish television failed to persuade that government to withhold support for the planned Israeli strike through its airspace. With a total of four airstrikes, two Israeli and two American, about to go down, the situation looked pretty bleak for Iran. With 95 planes operational, they put everything they really could on alert and hoped for the best.

I rolled a 6 for the US airstrike, allowing me to generate up to three. I got a F-22 and Rhino strike.

The first one was all that was needed. Twelve F-22s swooped in, with nothing more than a token I-Hawk shot against them (that completely missed) and took out the remaining facilities at the Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facility with twelve bombs.

As the smoke rose on the ruins of the Iranian nuclear programme, the leader of the nuclear programme had a 'car accident' and Tehran decided that it was time to throw in the towel.

Israel had won this war.

The modifier on the attack roll was up to +7 and Israel got a 8. This equalled 15, one above the 14 required for an Israeli victory.

After ten months, this game has now come to a conclusion. I'm going to write up my thoughts on the scenario in another post that will wrap this 'Let's Play' up.

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