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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Simming Wiki News

Wiki contributor and former Chief Editor Charles Star was banned from simming wiki SimEnc by their Board last Christmas when they wrongly suspected him of misconduct. Since then Charles has been working on a new wiki which was to be community-led and collaborative, but SimEnc have recently abolished several of their more restrictive key policies and resumed negotiations with Charles to restore him to SimEnc and prevent the breakaway wiki.

Personally, I'm really very encouraged to see a way forwards for the community to have just one simming wiki, rather than the community's efforts being split between two separate wikis.

Essentially, SimEnc are open to offering Charles an option that Phoenix's first members were never offered by AJJE. Whereas Alex V very 'graciously' offered to 'pardon' us for all those rules we didn't break, Chas is talking with Charles about their respective visions for the wiki and discussing how they can go forwards together.

It is, however, far from a done deal. Charles is not the kind of man to compromise his principles, which I value and respect, so if Chas fails to convince Charles that SimEnc can genuinely be an open source community wiki, Charles will set up such a resource elsewhere. Also, Charles is speaking for a broader group of stakeholders now, and not just his own interests. That complicates discussions by adding extra terms to the table which other stakeholders are bringing forwards that Charles may not have insisted on on his own.

So yeah, still quite an uncertain future. But either way, there will be an open source community-led wiki at the end of it covering the online rp community, either a reformed SimEnc, or a new wiki started by Charles Star.

For more updates, Charles Star can be contacted on star.idf@gmail.­com

~ Ash

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